Throughout the process of selling a home there are often complications that arise, or precautions that are not taken which can cause issues for the seller. When preparing and reviewing agreements, it is important to ensure that you understand your options and the conditions of those agreements. Our real estate lawyers at Confente Garcea can simplify the process and ensure that your best interests are cared for.

When selling a house or property a lawyer can assist with:

  • Legally transferring the title to the buyer
  • Ensuring that funds are retrieved from the buyer
  • Adjusting applicable property tax and maintenance fees
  • Ordering a payout statement from the bank
  • Managing inquiries and matters with the buyer’s lawyer

If you want simplify the process of selling your property, or to have a sale agreement prepared or reviewed contact Confente Garcea Lawyers. Our experience in handling real estate legal matters may be what you need to protect your assets.

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