Child Protection/ Children’s Aid

Child Protection and Children’s Aid serve to protect children from ongoing and potential abuse from parents, caregivers, and others. They also provide assistance to families who are in need of extra help in order to support their children. Fundamentally, these services exist to promote the best interests, protection, and well-being of children. When a child is deemed to be in need of protection or support, the society will assign a social worker to the family who will attempt to provide problem-solving solutions to the family. During this time the child remains with his or her caregivers while the social worker determines if the child’s situation is safe or if they will need to be removed from their caregivers.

In the event that a child is taken away from their primary caregivers, considerations as to where the child will go are generally given to the child’s other relationships first. This includes siblings, relatives, extended family members, and members of the child’s community. If a child is taken into care by the Children’s Aid Society, they may remain there for 12 to 24 months depending on their age. After this period, the society will determine if the child can safely return, or if they should be permanently removed from their original caregivers.

If your child is deemed in need of protection services, you may need a lawyer to represent you in court. Our lawyers at Confente Garcea can protect your rights and help you reach an ideal outcome.

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