When an individual is arrested in Canada they have the opportunity to be released on bail before their trial if deemed appropriate by the courts. An experienced lawyer can significantly increase the likelihood of release, and can provide much needed assistance throughout the process. Our lawyers at Confente Garcea have the expertise needed to make sure that the conditions of your bail are fair.

If in individual is granted bail after arrest, the judge will set the bail to a determined amount which must be paid by a family member, friend, or other in order for that individual to be released. The bail amount is dependent on your individual case and is ultimately at the discretion of the judge that has been assigned. However, an experienced lawyer is able to ensure that the amount decided upon is reasonable for your case and situation, including income.

Surety Responsibilities – 

In order to be released on bail a third party is also required to act as a surety for the released individual. The surety is responsible for supervising the accused and ensuring that they follow the conditions of the bail. A surety is also responsible for pledging an amount of money to the court which could be lost in part or in its entirety if the accused breaks the terms of the bail, which could include missing court dates, neglecting curfew, and more. If you are requested to be a surety you may need assistance from a lawyer in order to protect your rights and assets, to have your questions answered, and for guidance throughout the process.

If you or someone you know has been accused of a crime and is held in custody, or if you have been asked to be a surety, Confente Garcea can give you counsel and assistance that will protect your best interests and your rights.

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