Drug & Narcotics Offences

To be charged with a drug offence is a serious concern that can lead to major disruptions in your life. Drug offences typically pertain to the trafficking, possession, or production of drugs. If you are accused of a drug related charge then an experienced defence law firm is crucial to winning the case at hand. Confente Garcea Lawyers has the expertise and experience necessary to handle drug offences and can help to get your charges dropped or lessened.

What a drug charge could mean to you:

  • Prison sentence
  • Difficulties finding or retaining a job after conviction
  • Difficulties obtaining housing and loans
  • Ban from entering the United Stated, and other countries

The Controlled Drug and Substances Act lists four main offences pertaining to narcotics. These include possession, trafficking, importing, and production.

Possession charges are imposed on individuals found with drugs for the purpose of personal use. Trafficking charges occur when individuals are found with large amounts of drugs with the intent to sell or give those drugs to others. Importing charges occur when an individual is found entering into Canada with an illegal substance. Importing charges are also imposed on individuals who facilitate the transportation of illegal substances into Canada via other individuals. Drug production charges occur when an individual is found to be involved in any step of an illegal drug manufacturing process.

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