The process of adopting a child is life-changing for both the child and parent(s) involved. However, the court’s priorities in an adoption case are first and foremost the child’s needs and best interests. Therefore, the process can also be lengthy, challenging, and intensive. This is to ensure that the child will have a safe, comfortable, and caring home. Our Lawyers at Confente Garcea will work with you throughout every step to keep you from becoming overwhelmed, and to do all we can for your current, and future family.

When a child is being adopted, the various needs of the child are taken into consideration, this could include the child’s religious or cultural background, their emotional, physical, and mental needs, and certain wishes that the child may have. The adoption process also requires consent from all affected parties, including every parent, as well as the child if he or she is over seven years old.

We understand how exciting adoption can be, we can help simplify the process for you so that you can focus on the future of your family.

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