The Canadian Criminal Code considers fraudulent acts to be a serious crime that can lead to a maximum of fourteen years in prison. Such cases can often occur due to misunderstandings of the law, or from being unaware of the existence of certain laws. An experienced lawyer can provide the knowledge and experience needed to clear your name of fraud charges, or can have the charges lessened to what is fair for your situation. Confente Garcea Lawyers have experience fighting fraud charges in Ontario, and our assistance could be what keeps you clear of a criminal record or even a prison sentence.

The magnitude of the charge for fraud cases is generally dependent on the value of whatever has been gained by the fraudulent act, whether it be property, money, or anything else. Fraud charges in Ontario include forgery, cheque fraud, contact fraud, insurance fraud, identity fraud/theft, fraudulent financial transactions, accounting and bookkeeping fraud, and more.

A lack of intent to commit fraud could be enough to clear your fraud charges, and a qualified defence team can help to prove your innocence to the courts, or can help to lessen charges against you. If you are facing fraud charges contact Confente Garcea Lawyers to start fighting your charges today.

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