Family Responsibility Office (FRO)

If you are having difficulties receiving either child support or spousal support, you may need assistance from the Family Responsibility Office (FRO). The FRO is a government agency that enforces the payment of child and spousal support. The office ensures that the support is collected, and that it is paid to the spouse in need of support. If support is not paid, the FRO can take action to collect the owed amount. However, to do so you need to have a court order and a separation agreement filed with the court and registered with the FRO. If your spouse is living outside of Canada and the United States, FRO may be unable to take action depending on where they are living and the local laws of that region.

A lawyer may be able to help you receive child support or spousal support where FRO is unable to. Speak to our lawyers at Confente Garcea if you have any questions about FRO, or if you need assistance collecting support outside of Canada and the United States.

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