Spousal Support

When a relationship or marriage ends, one spouse may be required to support the other financially through spousal support, also known as alimony. This is established to compensate for partners who may have made financial sacrifices throughout the relationship, or have made other, non-financial contributions to the relationship such as caring for children, and to allow that partner to support themselves financially. Spousal support is owed to the spouse who earns less, and is based on how much the other partner makes. Spousal support is not automatic, nor does it apply to everyone.

If you believe that you may be entitled to receive or provide spousal support, a law professional can help to determine an agreement that is fair for both parties. Contact Confente Garcea Lawyers to have your questions answered, and to have a spousal support arrangement prepared.

If you are having difficulties collecting spousal support, you can also seek help from the Family Responsibility Office, a government agency which enforces child support and spousal support.

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